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Local and select international foods meet tradition and research.

Stefano Masanti's cuisine begins in his Valtellina, but without setting himself too many limits: he brings a global approach to the reworking and reinterpretation of his products, always in season and preferably local, drawing inspiration from the range of culinary arts he has encountered and studied on his many travels.


The result is an Italian-style cuisine with a hint of international tastes and techniques. Its traditional roots do not exclude those cross-border influences that harmonise perfectly with the refined taste of a sophisticated and, at times, unique cuisine.


The gastronomic identity of Il Cantinone is well thought-out and considered, based on painstaking research and an insatiable urge to experiment.

The dishes are invented daily on the basis of market and seasonal availability, using produce that is local or provided by carefully selected national and international suppliers.


Game dishes, whose meat is procured by Stefano's father Franco, mayor and hunter, are presented alongside freshwater fish dishes, in a particularly successful syncretism.

All this, together with the intuition and creativity of the chef, qualities that complement and balance the rationality of his friend Stefano Ciabarri.

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