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Barilotti di vino


Raffaella Mazzina Masanti, the lady of the house, together with Stefano “Spadino” Turati, both professional sommeliers, take care of our precious wine cellar with more than 1000 labels. The bottles have been selected devoting special attention to our territory of Valchiavenna and Valtellina, without however overlooking any Italian region or the most important international producers.


A glass of wine contains 100cc.

I classici

Good traditional wines


​1 bicchiere 15,00 euro

3 bicchieri 35,00 euro

5 bicchieri 55,00 euro

7 bicchieri 70,00 euro


Le scoperte 

Wines selected by Raffaella through her research

 for little known producers

1 bicchiere 18,00 euro

3 bicchieri 40,00 euro

5 bicchieri 60,00 euro

7 bicchieri 75,00 euro


I grandi vini

The best of our collection


1 bicchiere 30,00 euro

3 bicchieri 60,00 euro

5 bicchieri 80,00 euro

7 bicchieri 105,00 euro

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